Red Budgets, White Lies, and Blue Scientists

In honor of the Fourth of July, I will be calling attention to four major moves the Trump Administration and congress could be making to defund science, derail your holiday and decimate America. I mean make it gross again.  

  1. Isn’t it a lovely summer evening to be out and about enjoying fireworks with friends and family? It would be a shame if you weren’t able to do this in ten years because carbon emissions in the US rivaled Beijing.

Well guess who wants just that? 45 and his congress of course. This is about climate change and the people aren’t really being accurately represented.

7 in 10 Americans believe we, the United States of America should take steps to limit the amount of carbon emissions from coal and other power plants. (Yale Climate Opinion Map 2016) Naturally, the president and his congress are working to repeal legislation that forces companies to do just that Trump administration is also planning to cut NASA’s carbon monitoring program, but still funding space missions. He also says a climate change is a hoax, and has plans to cut 31% of the Environmental Protection Agency budget so yeah.

2. What a lovely and festive barbecue you’re having! It would be a shame if your guests couldn’t return next year because they died from preventable illnesses.

Why would this happen?

I don’t know. Perhaps because National Institute of Health funding could be significantly reduced . Smaller facilities that specialize in specific diseases are being closed as a result. Also among Trump’s proposals, stuffing the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,  inside of the NIH. Imagine moving to a smaller house and having another family live with. That’s what will happen when the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is pushed under the umbrella of the NIH with a reduced budget. Also, he doesn’t want you have healthcare, but that is a story for another day.

How else is the president bucking against science in pursuit of a dollar?

3. I hope you’ve enjoyed the beach and coastal views. NOAA’s budget will be cut 18% and the satellite budget will be a fraction of last year’s.

For reference, NOAA are the folks that map oceans, predict climate, and conserve living resources.  The new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) would have to eliminate the agency’s $73-million Sea Grant program, which supports 33 US colleges and universities that conduct research, education and training. As Hamptonians, our home by the sea could become our home under the sea.

4. Last but not least, I hope you enjoy your high tech gadgets and smart kitchen that makes hosting a breeze.

Sustainable and renewable energy avenues may be minimized with this administration’s latest focus on reducing the department of energy’s budget.

The DOE research could provide clean affordable solutions to homes across America. Too bad Trump is pushing for fossil fuel funding instead. But nobody cares. So drown and die because global warming, sea levels rising, thinning ozone layer, it’s all real and eminent unless we get serious.

But have fun at your cookouts. I hope I’m invited.



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